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Debut Album, "El Hilo Rojo" - Out Now

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Label: Self-Released

Genre: Flamenco

Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Influences: Paco de lucia, Diego del Morao, Tomatito, Vicente amigo


Considered a rising female figure in the world of Spanish Guitar,

Noa Drezner, a Flamenco guitarist, composer and producer currently based in Tel Aviv, has just released her debut album titled El Hilo Rojo.

Noa spent over a decade mastering Flamenco guitar in southern Spain and, coupled with impressive technical & emotional abilities with guitar in hand, has managed to expand the warm, authentic sound of Flamenco to a diverse audience reaching well beyond the traditions commonly associated with the style. 


Her first single released in 2016,  “El último Momento” is approaching 1 million views & is one of Youtube’s official search recommendations for the genre.

El Hilo Rojo (The Red String), was recorded in both Spain & Israel and is out now on all major platforms. It is an 8 track showcase of her impressive abilities and is a beautifully woven journey through Noa’s personal interpretation of Flamenco. The current single off the album is the title track ‘El Hilo Rojo (Fandangos)’.

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Tlf: +972 542 523 651


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Dec 11: Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem 



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Sept 11: TBO, Sevilla, Spain


Sept 12:  Damajuana, Jerez de la frontera, Spain


Sept 13: McCartney Bar, Algeciras, Spain


Sept 14: Venta de Vargas, San Fernando, Spain


Sept 15: Plaza Andalucía, Cortelazor la Real, Spain


Sept 20: Teatro Comunale Luca Ronconi, Gubbio, Italy


Sept 21: Flamenco Masterclass, Gubbio, Italy


Oct 20: Shablul Jazz, Tel aviv, Israel 


Nov 9-10: Freespace jazz festival, Hong Kong


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