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Debut Album, "El Hilo Rojo" - Out Now

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Label: Self-Released

Genre: Flamenco

Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Influences: Paco de lucia, Diego del Morao, Tomatito, Vicente amigo


Considered a rising female figure in the world of Spanish Guitar,

Noa Drezner, a Flamenco guitarist, composer and producer currently based in Tel Aviv, has just released her debut album titled El Hilo Rojo.

Noa spent over a decade mastering Flamenco guitar in southern Spain and, coupled with impressive technical & emotional abilities with guitar in hand, has managed to expand the warm, authentic sound of Flamenco to a diverse audience reaching well beyond the traditions commonly associated with the style. 


Her first single released in 2016,  “El último Momento” is approaching 1 million views & is one of Youtube’s official search recommendations for the genre.

El Hilo Rojo (The Red String), was recorded in both Spain & Israel and is out now on all major platforms. It is an 8 track showcase of her impressive abilities and is a beautifully woven journey through Noa’s personal interpretation of Flamenco. The current single off the album is the title track ‘El Hilo Rojo (Fandangos)’.

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Tlf: +972 542 523 651


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Dec 11: Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem 



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Sept 11: TBO, Sevilla, Spain


Sept 12:  Damajuana, Jerez de la frontera, Spain


Sept 13: McCartney Bar, Algeciras, Spain


Sept 14: Venta de Vargas, San Fernando, Spain


Sept 15: Plaza Andalucía, Cortelazor la Real, Spain


Sept 20: Teatro Comunale Luca Ronconi, Gubbio, Italy


Sept 21: Flamenco Masterclass, Gubbio, Italy


Oct 20: Shablul Jazz, Tel aviv, Israel 


Nov 9-10: Freespace jazz festival, Hong Kong


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נועה דרזנר- הארץ בן שלו

פורסם ב- 06.11.19 הכירו את נועה דרזנר, גיטריסטית הפלמנקו הישראלית שהשתלבה בסצנה הספרדית לא מעט זמן נדרש לדרזנר לעבור מרוק וג'ז לפלמנקו ולאמץ את רוח התעוזה של הסגנון כדי להקליט אלבום פרי עטה. היא כבר הופיעה איתו בספרד, ואפילו ותיקי הז'אנר המקומיים הכבדים התקשו להסתיר את התלהבותם

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