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Projects and collaborations

Flamenca Project

Original Flamenco concert by Noa Drezner.


Flamenco Al Andalus
The Israeli Andalus Orchestra of Ashdod
Feat. Rafael de Utrera, Emil Zrihen & Noa Drezner
  • 13.5.15, Theater Kiryat Motzkin 

  • 14.5.15, Henry Crown Theater, Jerusalem

  • 18.5.15, Beer Sheva Theater

  • 25.5.15, Reqanati Hall, Tel Aviv Museum

  • 26.5.15, Theater of Ashdod

  • 27.5.15, Theater of Ashdod

  • 28.5.15, Theater of Ashdod

  • 1.6.15,   Reqanati Hall, Tel Aviv Museum




All women Flamenco group.


Documental by Alicia cifredo chacón

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