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Noa Drezner


Flamenco guitarist, composer and producer, one of the few women in her field in the world.


She lived for a decade in southern Spain, where she studied flamenco guitar, played alongside leading artists and participated in countless events and festivals in Spain, Israel and abroad.


Noa brings the warm and authentic sound of the Spanish guitar to new and surprising areas, between Tel Aviv and Cadiz.


She is considered one of the most prominent female characters in the world of flamenco in general, and the Spanish guitar in particular.


Her Israeli roots, her travels around the world, especially in India and Spain where she lived, provided her with the basis to create and visualize music "with more freedom" and to design a sound that is truly hers.


Noa's debut album, "The Red string," published in 2019, was recorded in Spain and Israel and is the ultimate example of the global influence of flamenco.


Grabando para el disco de Las criaturas del aire. Madrid, 2014

Gabriel Baharlia

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