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"Noa brings the warm and authentic

sound of Spanish guitar to new

and surprising areas,

between Tel Aviv and Cádiz. "


(Marca 4/8/19)

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The Red String is an international Flamenco show, from the hands of female guitarist and producer Noa Drezner.  


      Her guitar draws with virtuosity

a new landscape of sounds

and feelings,

of familiar colors with personal nuances,

derivatives of uncommun roots.

Presenting diversity of Flamenco art,

accompanied by her ensemble,

Noa Drezner fascinates the public with her playing all over the world.




Noa Drezner

is a flamenco

guitarist, composer and producer. She is one of the most prominent women in the world of flamenco

in general, and Spanish guitar in particular.

Her debut album, "The Red String", recently released, is an 8 track showcase of her impressive abilities, a beautifully woven journey through Noa’s personal interpretation of Flamenco.

The red string Trio


Noa Drezner - Flamenco guitar

Yehuda Shveiky - Vocals

Yuval Kaufman - Percussion

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